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About Us

P.O.S.H. stands for pushing outstanding souls higher. We believe that everyone has the power in them to do great and amazing things--given that PUSH in the right direction. Our non-profit P.O.S.H. PUSH uses the performing arts, fitness and life skills training to shape individuals not only creatively but physically, and mentally as well. This offers training and development on a holistic level which aids in cultivating positive, sound decision making, forward thinking leaders of the future.

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 Many individuals with financially challenged backgrounds usually aren’t afforded opportunities to train in nor experience the arts. Organizations such as P.O.S.H. PUSH provides them with these opportunities and in turn they have a more level playing field with individuals who have enriched experiences in life.

We truly believe creativity drives learning. Not only does our organization expose individuals to the arts but the skills developed in arts education often have a positive impact on their academics and every aspect of their life. We feel that by stimulating individuals through the arts, they will become more motivated and inspired individuals. These are the type of individuals that will create positive change in our community and the world. With the support of our non-profit, committed staff, sponsors and dedicated members, we can create positive change through the arts.

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